Big Top Ballet Publishing


This September we’re looking forward as we enter into the foray of book and story publishing this coming year.

Big Top Ballet Inc. originally launched publishing apps and games for mobile devices, achieving #1 Mac Music game for it’s title release in 2012. App and game development has been exciting and fulfilling as a process. From the very beginning of this creative adventure, incorporating story into Big Top Ballet games and apps has been a goal. Yet not all stories compliment a digital game or app. Storytelling has been a cornerstone to humanity. Whether allegory, fiction, true life events, story and story telling is how we use our imagination to connect to others and understand our own humanity.

To leap into the craft of story telling, this September 9th, 2019 we are releasing an ebook short story fiction titled - Journey to The Underworld. Journey to the Underworld is also a chapter of our first and forthcoming novel, titled ‘Lady Lazarus’ due for publication next Autumn of 2020. Although both Journey to the Underworld and Lady Lazarus are fiction, the idea for the story was inspired by the author’s own ‘journey to underworld’ during her experience with open heart surgery this past Spring.