March Magic!


Spring cleaning has begun. Out with the old and in with the new. We're sifting through everything in our plans, projects, servers and connections and working on a better, faster, more fantastic version of Big Top Ballet Inc.

It's a little bit of magic cleaning up and letting go. Acknowledging what has worked, what has failed  and what didn't get enough 'magic' otherwise known in studio terms as 'productive attention'. 

Things that we're happy with: Google Cloud and App Engine for our online games, Unity for Game Development, Adobe and Autodesk for Game Asset creation, Evernote for project notes and task management and although we haven't completely integrated, Gamesparks looks promising.  

Some changes that we're excited about include: a switch to G Suite services, full domain transfer to (Thank you, Keanu Reeves! ), and perhaps the biggest change is our Spring move to New York City and becoming an American company. Some of the  behind the scenes magic that we wanted to share.