Happy Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Bunny Ballerina Costume Sticker Art

Happy Easter Bunny Ballerina Costume Sticker Art

Just as soon as all the Valentine's chocolates and gifts have disappeared from store shelves, new stock for Easter (chocolate and pastel jelly beans) shows up. Spring is the season for new beginnings to which Easter is synonymous. There's nothing like a fresh start. Although Easter isn't here until April 16th, in anticipation we've added an Easter Bunny Ballerina sticker to OMG! for iMessage.  Bunnies do have a tendencies to multiply quickly. So who knows, maybe we will make room for more. 

Typography Tutu

Typography Ballerina Tutu

What words do a ballet tutu evoke? Every Tuesday, we work to create and share a unique costume design concept via Social Media. This past week's concept was inspired by Typography.

If you would like to see more costume designs by Big Top Ballet we post these with the hashtag #tututuesday, see more from Big Top Ballet on Instagram.

Deck the Halls it’s #TutuTeusday!

I just love Christmas! For the seasonal changes like the snow packed up on the trees and Chalet roofs. The outdoor lights glowing through the snow and a cozy fire to warm up to inside. So far we have had a Poinsettia Tutu, Winter’s Frost Tutu, an Evergreen inspired Tutu and today for this #TutuTuesday we have a Holly inspired tutu. Falalalala, Lalalala!

Poinsettia Tutu

With American Thanksgiving this coming weekend and Christmas holidays on their way, today’s tutu for #TutuTuesday is inspired by the Poinsettia Christmas Flower. Just bought some yesterday to fill the studio and get into the spirit of the season.