Les petits oiseaux

Big Top Marie Antoinette et les oiseaux

Life is sometimes a voyage we feel unprepared. 

Like little birds not yet ready to jump,

There comes a time we have no choice.

It's a vulnerable feeling.

Some would solve by hardening their heart

or numbing their emotions in dealing. 

It's not always easy to master this art,

engage yourself with uplifting voice! 

 For kindness is the wind that will set you

and others in the right direction.


Poem & Illustration by Elizabeth Boylan

The Data Guardian

The Data Guardian

Zero Gravity, 

swift like mercury,

they are bits and bytes on wireless pipes.

Multi-threading, geosyncing,

in the cloud and on the ground,

your dreams and schemes the watchers note.

These bits and bytes and pixel lites,

it is a haunting don’t you know?

As you are here, your avatar’s there

as you are there, you’re avatar’s where?

Where holds your spirit,  in what dimension?

Did a data guardian fence you in?

What is the balance of moments you own?

What have you kept precious,

what do you hold private?

Is it data that streams or

data that floats?

Poem & Illustration by Elizabeth Boylan.

Fearless Gold

Fearless Gold

Beware a counsel within,

Of treacherous design,

It’s aim to keep you yellow.

There is a means to quell its suppression.

Acquiesce no more to cryptic inhibition.

You must meet head on,

the self’s embargo.

Lunge toward your veiled oppressor.

Fearless transcendence o’er doubt,

 Intrepidly brilliant phosphorescence,

Blurring your yellow

Into gold expression!


Poem & Illustration by Elizabeth Boylan.

A Swimming Grace

A Swimming Grace,

a water ballet.

How the sun’s rays chase,

your somersault play.

Unbound, unbraced in a pure place,

that even a lovesick mermaid would not astray.

But the time will near,

when the sun does set.

And your breath will beckon you to surface.

It is then sweet dear,

when you must dry off and then return to your life of circus.


Poem & Illustration by Elizabeth Boylan