Deck the Halls it’s #TutuTeusday!

I just love Christmas! For the seasonal changes like the snow packed up on the trees and Chalet roofs. The outdoor lights glowing through the snow and a cozy fire to warm up to inside. So far we have had a Poinsettia Tutu, Winter’s Frost Tutu, an Evergreen inspired Tutu and today for this #TutuTuesday we have a Holly inspired tutu. Falalalala, Lalalala!

Poinsettia Tutu

With American Thanksgiving this coming weekend and Christmas holidays on their way, today’s tutu for #TutuTuesday is inspired by the Poinsettia Christmas Flower. Just bought some yesterday to fill the studio and get into the spirit of the season.

Jumping Owl Ballerina


On this #TutuTuesday we have the colour rendering from last week’s sketch of an owl inspired ballet costume and tutu design.  The browns in this costume draw from the Great Horned Owl. Did you know owls hunt mostly at night? They can see in the dark and watch from high perch. Then they swoop down to capture their prey.

There’s so many different feather patterns just among owls. Living in Whistler, couldn’t help but draw the snowy owl too. Here it is on our Instagram where you can follow Big Top Ballet studio life and sketches in progress.

#SnowyOwl for a snowy day in #whistlerbc #illustrationoftheday #drawing #sketchoftheday

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Owl Ballerina Tutu

Our Owl inspired ballerina #costumedesign for #tututuesday #sketchoftheday #bigtopballet

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Creative theme for this week at Big Top Ballet has been Owls. As luck would have it, we even spotted a baby owl on one of our walks through Whistler this past weekend which you can peek on our instagram! The above sketch for this week’s #tututuesday was a result of this natural inspiration from our surroundings. Come back next week and see how this concept evolves into full rendered colour.

Tutu Tuesday – The Lotus

There’s nothing like the days of the week to set a routine.   Today is #TutuTuesday, so we decided what a great blog category for Big Top Ballet.  Each week we’ll feature one of our latest tutu costume designs in development. Today’s tutu is a lotus inspired ballerina tutu dress.

The Power of Costume Design & Fashion


There’s costume and then there’s fashion. At Big Top Ballet we’re always looking for costume design inspiration. For ballet costume and set design is paramount. Above is the beginning of a new series of costume design illustrations.

When our Founder, Elizabeth Boylan was taking acting classes, her coach always emphasized the importance of costume and scene props to enhance technique and the suspension of disbelief. He would challenge, “If you don’t believe costume has an impact, just put on a cape and walk down Granville Street”.

That’s costume but the same holds true for fashion. You may be tempted to think, people should just accept me for who I am, what I can do, how I think, la la la, if I’m a good person and do kind things. Right? That would be God and your dog that bestow unconditional love. People operate differently.

People make quick judgements more than 90% weighted on what they see. How you look, posture and carry yourself. Once speaking with you, your tone and how they feel around you is what they remember. The good news is you can use this to your advantage as an extension of who you are. I don’t recommend going for broke but this Rodarte dress collection is a dream.